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Frequently Asked Questions on Grievance Redress Mechanism in Government of Tripura and the Role of General Administration (Administrative Reforms), Govt. of Tripura, therein

General Administration (Administrative Reforms), Government of Tripura, Room No. 1101, Block A, 1st Floor, New Secretariat, Agartala-799010, Contact: 0381-2418019/2418020, Website::

The Grievances can be lodged Online or be sent to by Hand or by Post to:

General Administration (Administrative Reforms), Government of Tripura, Room No. 4104, Block A, 1st Floor, New Secretariat, Agartala-799010. There is no prescribed format for recording Grievances, and may be written on any plain sheet of paper in person, or on a Postcard / Inland letter.

The Grievances can be lodged Online at after Registration and OTP based Verification.

Grievances lodged Online are acknowledged by printing an Online Acknowledgement, depicting an unique Grievance Registration Number, which could be stored/ printed by the Citizen for future reference.

It may be tracked on the Grievance Portal by clicking link Grieavnce > ViewStatus

Every state Department has a designated a Nodal Officer addressing Grievances with respect to the Department. The Nodal Officer takes responsibility for redressing of all lodged Grievances.

No. In such situations, the citizen will have to lodge a fresh Grievance, drawing reference to the closed Grievance which does not satisfy him/ her, and ask for further details.

Outcome of any Grievance redress received by Post is delivered by Post which may take some time. Citizen may track the Grievance Online and wait for the postal delivery before lodging a fresh Grievance.

The list is available on the link Nodal PG Officers, in the Grievance Portal.

Personal hearing on Grievance could be arranged by the Nodal Officers of the Departments, after lodging of Grievance, if felt necessary. Personal hearing during lodging of Grievance could be arranged when the Grievances are submitted in Person, especially in any such previously planned programmes

The following types of grievance may not be taken up for processing:

  • Subjudice cases or any matter concerning judgment given by any court.
  • Personal and family disputes
  • RTI matters
  • Anything that impacts upon territorial integrity of the country or friendly relations with other countries

The Department of General Administration (Administrative Reforms) is the nodal policy making, monitoring and coordinating Department for redress of public grievances arising from the work of Departments/Organizations of the Government of Tripura.

The grievances received in the Department of General Administration (Administrative Reforms) are forwarded to the Departments concerned. Redressal of grievances is taken up in a decentralized manner by done by respective Departments. The Department periodically reviews the status of Redressal of Public Grievances under Departments for their speedy disposal.

You may take up the matter with the Secretary of the Department concerned, whose details are available on the Grievance Portal.